What I Wish I Told Myself In High School

As someone that grew up in the middle of nowhere, I had always looked forward to exploring the outside world in all of its glamour and vastness. Everything just seemed so dull to me because it all remained the same. I became anxious and realized that West Virginia just was not the place for me.

Another part of me growing up was realizing that feeling like that is totally okay. Because I know in my heart that West Virginia is where my family is and where my roots are, but it is not who I am as a whole.

I decided to look back at my high school career and write myself a letter. Might be personal. Might be funny. Might be both. You can decide that for yourself.

This post is for all of the high school seniors that worry too much about the small things.

Dear Megan,

Not everything is gray. Not everything and everyone is in that stupid gray area of maybes and what-ifs.

I know that everything seems so repetitive now a days, but life will change and you will grow to be someone that you love. Surprising, I know, because I know that you have problems with your own image. A lot of people your age do.

I also know that you are worried about the future. If you can handle being by yourself in the big, outside world, if you can make friends, eat right, afford to go places all by yourself. You can only do one of those things right now, and thats handling being by yourself because yes, you really are an average, shy, poor college student.

You love every minute of it.

The thoughts that you have about your career choices will change. When you were a kid you wanted to be a biologist, when you were in middle school you wanted to be an interior designer, and now you’re in high school and you are interested in psychology. Do not worry about changing this again after college, because you still have time. You still have the opportunities that lie ahead of you to use to your advantage.

I know that things are so weird and rough right now because everyone around you is seemingly okay with saying goodbye, but believe me, Megan, when I say that everyone else is feeling the rain in their hearts just like you are. You are not alone in this strange feeling of nostalgia and regret. Everybody looks back and feels that way too.

You walk through the halls for the last time, clean out your locker, and go home thinking to yourself that everything is about to change. Everything does change, yes, but you change too.

Not everything is gray, remember? Sometimes there are different colors that come into your life, like the deep burgundy hues of your first roommate, or the muted pinks of the girls in the sorority you used to be in. The deep, beautiful blues of the people that inspire you, the yellows of those that make your heart happy, the reds of those that irritate you; these are the colors of life that should be cherished. I know that you feel monotone right now, but you have time to shift.

If I had to tell you one last thing, I would say to remember this:

Sometimes things do not work out and that is totally okay.

Best of luck,


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