25 Tips for University of Kentucky Freshman

I really wanted to write this as soon as my freshman year was over since the information is still fresh in my mind. I may say some interesting things on this post, but this school year was probably one of the best years of my life. I learned so much about myself and life in general, and I would hope that everyone gets this experience.

Let me know if you guys have anything to add or if there is anything you disagree with!


  1. The 90 sucks. Seriously, don’t believe them.
  2. You will most likely NOT meet the love of your life at a frat party.
  3. Juuling/smoking cigarettes is bad for you. Please chill out with it.
  4. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TAKING MORNING CLASSES. You may think you’re used to it, but believe me, you won’t want to get up at 8:30 to make it to your 9 AM.
  5. If you bring your dog, you will make many friends. Just make sure he/she can be a emotional support dog or a guide dog so that you can bring him into your dorm.
  6. Lexington traffic is terrible and it is a very poorly designed city. Never underestimate how clogged the roads are.
  7. USE FLEX WISELY. It goes fast!
  8. If you don’t have Venmo or CashApp by now, your college experience will probably suck a little bit more.
  9. Sororities are expensive and are a commitment. Make sure you are ready.
  10. I don’t care what anyone says. The restaurants on campus taste differently than the real ones off campus (talking to you, Panda Express in Bowman’s). Know this.
  11. If you are at a party and you feel scared, alone, or bothered/harassed in any way, TALK TO SOMEONE. People here are actually pretty nice and will most likely help you.
  12. Also: It is very expensive to live in the dorms. When you do choose your dorm, make sure to look at prices because that DOES matter.
  13. Get scholarships. Don’t smother you or your family in debt. Save a little bit and go for it.
  14. Parking. Is. TERRIBLE HERE. K-lot is sort of far (depending on where you live) and other parking passes are EXPENSIVE. Make sure to keep that in mind.
  15. Please don’t take pills that are NOT prescribed to you. That is so so bad and is a terrible idea.
  16. The books at the bookstore are expensive. Just rent them off of Chegg or some other website like Amazon.
  17. Yes, you will constantly hear sirens from fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. You just sort of get used to it.
  18. Make use of the free medical care and psychiatric care that you get here (just by being a full-time student.) If you need to talk to someone, you can always go to the counseling center, and if you need to see a doctor about something small (example: check-up) you can totally do that.
  19. Go to your classes. Sounds obvious, but many people just don’t do it and regret it during finals week.
  20. With that in mind: it is better to take too many notes than to take none at all. You figure out how to take good notes, so don’t worry. It’s trial and error.
  21. I learned this the hard way, but minimize what you bring to your dorm. Less is better because you WILL get more stuff as you live in Lexington.
  22. Meal swipes are amazing. If you find a place that you enjoy that also takes them (for me it was Steak n Shake), use them! It saves you so much money in the long run.
  23. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes when walking to class on campus. My first week I got around 10-15 blisters on my feet because I wore bad shoes. Don’t be like me.
  24. Check out campus events (they are actually super cool and you get free stuff/food from them 90% of the time).

and last but not least..

25. Never let your anxiety take you over. I have missed out on so many opportunities because of this. Always go to something when you want to and are able to, and get involved in something. Never let anxiety hold you back.


Thanks for reading!

– Megan

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