A Letter To My Mom

Dear Michelle (or mom, or whatever you want to be called, I don’t know),

One day when I was probably not even five feet tall, you gave me the best advice in the world. In all honestly, I highly doubt you even remember what you said to me. I would even bet that you would say to people that you never said in the first place. Whatever the case may be, that piece of advice changed my life.

It made me who I am today. I set my goals around that piece of advice and swore to myself that I would follow it through. It made me want to eat strange foods, look at city skylines with bright eyes, and touch my feet on undiscovered land.

You have always influenced me to do my best, though. You used to always say, “The grade you get is the grade you deserve.” Which you were right. It reflected my work, my time and effort. This always motivated me to show you and others around me what I can actually do if I set my mind to it. Of course I still procrastinated on occasion, but as someone that is human, I would guess that you knew all along that I would at times.

You encouraged me to work when I was young by giving me worksheets that if I were to complete, I’d get a dime out of it. Honestly you made me too smart for my own good at the time, but hey, I turned out just fine.

You helped me become someone amazing. You brought me to the library and let me check out a bunch of books, you allowed me to go into whatever hobby I desired (even if I did become a little tomboy), and worked so hard to keep me well dressed so that I can feel confident. You went back to school for your kids, you worked long nights for your kids, you did the absolute best you could for your kids. You did everything for us, and everything that you have done and will do will never go over my head. Believe it or not, I know that you still work hard for me today, even if I do happen to live hours away.

You want the best for me. You want the best for your family. Theres a slight problem here, though, that I have always wanted you to see. You never seem to want the best for yourself.

You do so much to help others, that sometimes you forget about yourself. I want you be to be the happiest and best person you can be, just as you helped me become. The anxiousness that I get comes from you, yes, but if I can overcome a lot of it, so can you. You’re the one person that I have always believed in, and will probably never stop believing in. You are a beautiful person, so special in fact, that I cannot think of anyone else in my life right now that could have gone through and survived the things that you have been through.

If I had to ask you to do one thing, it would be to start doing what makes you happy. To take care of yourself when I go to college, and to love yourself more than anyone else could. You have bright eyes, just like mine, and a beautiful smile to match. I know that you will say something like, “Oh, I’m okay, Megan.” or “Don’t worry about me.” I worry about you a lot more often than you think, and I want the best for you, just as you want the best for me.

The advice that you gave me that day (that I mentioned earlier) was to get out of West Virginia. You saw that I would want to explore one day, that I would have the heart to see the good in everywhere I went. I’m giving the same advice to you. I want you to see more of yourself in the beauty of the world around you. I’m not saying to travel everywhere (unless you want to), I am saying that I want you to look at the world and think of yourself. Don’t look to love yourself in someone else.

I love you to the moon and back, mom. You used to tell me this as a child, but now I can say it back to you, since I know it is true (even if you do annoy me some days.)

You are my sunshine. Believe it or not, I’m sure you’re other people’s sunshine too.

Happy Mother’s Day. Never forget how amazing and special you are.

– Megan

One thought on “A Letter To My Mom

  1. Your mom is a beautiful person and you are right she needs to see the greatness in herself that we all see. Beautifully written.


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