Thrift Shopping Advice

People tell me that whenever they try to go thrift shopping, they never really find anything. They look for these specific items and hope for the best, and usually come out of it empty handed. For me, that is usually never the case. I plan on giving some advice on how to find what you are looking for!

First off, I always keep an open mind.

Yes, I LOVE to find Levi’s denim, or vintage Doc Martens, but 9/10, I won’t find those exact brands. Try to look for clothing items that are SOMEWHAT similar to what you are looking for. One of my best pairs of 90s high waisted jeans is not even a well known name brand; heck, I don’t even know where it came from other than where I found it in a random Goodwill.

Don’t be afraid to dig in the different sections.

Wherever you are, different sections can have different purposes for you. For example, I LOVE to look in the men’s section for cool t-shirts, button ups, and super old grandpa sweaters. You can style those in SO many ways possible.


Okay, by this I mean that you should look at EVERYTHING in sections that you want to look for something in. Small example: You’re looking for a dress. Look at all of the dresses on the rack if you want to find a certain style of dress. You never know what is buried under all of the other pieces.

Try things on.

Some people can find this gross I suppose, but honestly? Trying things on helps me in the long run. I remember at one point I found a pair of brown-ish colored cigarette pants in the women’s section. They looked super super good on the hanger, but when I tried them on, they literally came up to the middle of my calf. I didn’t want it that short, so I put it back, thus saving my money (even if it was super cheap).

I plan on posting a thrift shopping haul soon, so be on the lookout for that!

See you guys soon!

– Megan

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