Terrible Advice That I Have Received In The Past

As I have traversed through the path of life so far, I have gotten advice from many people on many different occasions. I like to hear what other people have to say before I take my first step.

Advice is a commonly sought out thing, though. Everybody needs it every now and again. Unless the advice SUCKED and COMPLETELY RUINED EVERYTHING IN THAT MOMENT.


I have gotten a lot of bad advice in my time, so I am going to pass it on to you so that nobody (and I mean NOBODY) will have to go through what I did.

*Note: I am not putting the names of who gave me this advice, I am just passing along the word.

1. “Just lie to *insert significant other’s name here*. They will never know.”

Oh believe me. They will eventually know. I have been on both sides of this chess board and I can tell you that EVENTUALLY someone will make the wrong move that will end the game.

Plus when I care about someone, I don’t really like lying to them.

2. “High school is the best years of your life! Enjoy them while you can!”

I have died from laughter. I am actually rolling on the floor practically screaming laughs.

There are bigger and better things in life. You will move on, as every one else does, and live a great life outside of high school.

3. “Go to a tanning bed! They aren’t bad for you.”

I’ll just stay pale, thanks. 

4. “If you want guys to like you….”

Almost every single piece of advice that starts with this sucks. I have been told to change my hobbies (heck no), to change how I dress (even more of a heck no), and to even change my own personality (LOL HECK no x5).

I don’t do things for other people just to get them to like me. I’m not saying that I haven’t done that in the past, but I have learned from that and I have realized that if they don’t like me for me, they aren’t worth the trouble.

5. “Just get over it! There are bigger problems than how sad you feel.”

This really hits home for me, mainly because I have grown up as a anxious mess.

People around me, instead of helping me or getting me help in general, always told me that “at least this isn’t happening to you”, or “at least you didn’t grow up like this.”

I want people to know that yes, others have problems, but that does not make your problems any less valid. Find people that WILL help you and try your best to figure out solutions and nice coping methods.

Ended on an emotional note, but hey, I love being emotional!

I hope everybody has a nice night,

– Megan

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