The Words You (And I) Never Said

I have found myself in a situation. A situation that I would prefer not to talk about on a blog, but if you would ever want a full explanation, be sure to message me and we can make coffee plans.

I will name this situation the “Not Caring Competition.”

I was thinking to myself one day, “Why can’t things be simpler? Why can’t people admit that they care?” This wall that people have built up to protect themselves only restricts them from being able to accomplish what we need to emotionally.

As of this moment, I struggle so hard with people saying what they need to say or listening when it matters.

From loved ones to old friends, I want everyone to know that you are not alone in what you think or feel. We all know what it’s like to look back and think “if only I had said this” or “if only I listened.”

I suppose that I am trying to prove myself wrong when I think to myself “There can’t be too many words that people won’t say.”

I asked my Instagram followers, as well as my Facebook friends, to send in their words that were left unsaid/to send in the messages that they hope someone will get someday. This is the first batch; if you guys would want to read more, let me know, I can make a part two to this blog.

I’m going to include my own words that I wished I could have said in this post. I’ll never exclude myself from a conversation like this. Mine is the first one. I hope you guys read this and always say what you want or need to say.

Give people chances. Show someone your feelings and don’t be scared. Not everyone is like the girl that broke your heart. Let me know when you realize this. 

You’ll always hold a special place in my heart. You helped me find myself and I’m forever grateful. Our time is up but I think of you often.

Dad, I want to say thank you for restarting your life and not giving up. I know it’s been hard and you kept getting stuck, but thank you.

I still hear everything you said to me and I can’t tell it apart from my own thoughts anymore.

you took away too much of my life at a time where it was vitally important to me to follow my dreams, you took advantage of my kindness and selflessness to make me who you wanted me to be, not who I was supposed to evolve into. I take some of the responsibility since I chose to follow your path. I wish I knew who or what I would have done without your presence in my life, but everything has a reason they say and I wouldn’t have the two people who are my whole world without you in it so in that, I thank you. I lost trust in people, myself and the world. Sure I have come out of it and done good for myself. But I have also had a lot of regrets on how much I put others through due to your effect on me.

I now understand the importance of being myself, having a backbone and realize the importance of only letting in the right people. Family is the most important thing, spending time with the right people has given me the strength to trust again and see the world in a new light. I used to think I was stronger because of what I went through, but I can’t give you that credit. Instead I give it to the people who have stayed in my life, loved me unconditionally and have never hurt me. I probably will never forgive how much you hurt me over and over but I have also come to realize that you will never be truly happy and I feel sad for you in that way. You will never know the joy I find in family and being kind.

I really wish we could be, but you’re so endearing and so far out of reach.

Audrey, I like you so much it scares me. Please don’t get bored of me and decide you don’t want me anymore like everyone else.

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is learning to let go of someone and I guess you’re the person I have to let go. You shaped who I am today, but the means to which you shaped me was by taking away instead of building me up. You know that I believe everything happens for a reason and this is no exception. Thank you for being a part of my life, in the worst way possible.

I actually like you. You have all the qualities I look for in a girl. But we met at the wrong time. I’m in college and I’m just tryna live the single life.

You are amazing and one of a kind.

Meet me where we’re meant to be. 

i understand you’re pretty busy but I miss our everyday conversations so bad.

why can’t you give me straight answers about what happened to us? i just need an explanation and then maybe i can be at peace in my mind.

Don’t let words be left unsaid. 

– Megan

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