Leaving West Virginia

All my life I have been decently isolated (in the way that I have barely seen the world). I have always loved learning, seeing, and trying new things, so I always knew that one day I would leave where I was from.

I get asked what it was like to leave home a lot. Because I did leave a place that I was extremely comfortable in; I knew everybody, I knew where everything was, and I didn’t have to think a whole lot about where I was going, because I knew eventually I would find my way back home. It was an oil rig town where the nearest Walmart was about 45 minutes away. There are two gas stations and a couple restaurants about 5 minutes from where I lived. It was comfortable but in no way interesting to me; the only reason I stay attached to WV is because of my family. We are all very close and I love them very very much.

I moved about 4 and a half hours away. According to Google, you have to multiply 904 and the population of my old town to get a little under the population of where I am living right now.

I knew no one and knew nothing about where I was going. I was very nervous about going to a place that I could actually get lost in.

I loved it.

Because I didn’t leave WV because I felt like it; I left because I know that there is more to the world than the oil drilling town that I lived in.

I love the world. I love seeing all the different views and diving into the different cultures. I love the feeling of culture shock and I love really digging into the minds of the people who are a part of that culture; I like being proven wrong about stereotypes and I like being shown new and wonderful aspects.

I left because I knew (and continue to know for a fact) that I did not belong in West Virginia. I belong somewhere on this Earth with someone but not in WV.

I left to continue to see the best of the world and I am nowhere near the worst.

I left to experience life on my own terms.

I have gone through so much since moving here to Lexington, but the memories and experiences that I have make it all worth it.

If I somehow had the opportunity to go back and change any aspect of what has happened to me thus far, I wouldn’t.

So if you are someone that is reading this and you are hesitant about leaving where you are from to pursue a dream or an idea, I hope that you will do it. I cannot tell you that everything will be okay, because it won’t. There will be times that you might regret your decision, but I can promise that the good memories that you make will make it all worth it. You will see so many beautiful things and you heart will occasionally feel as though it will burst out of your chest. You will meet BEAUTIFUL people and find amazing things.

Don’t be afraid to do something bold for the sake of yourself. You are so capable of doing whatever you may want to do in life; sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone brings beautiful things to the table.

Never be afraid to try new things.

– Megan

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