Note: Sparks by Coldplay is an amazing song to listen to while reading this. It explains a lot about how I feel, so I’d recommend giving it a listen either while you are reading this or some other time.

Someone has influenced my life in more ways than one. I have not been the same since I have met this person and I’m not really sure how to feel about the whole situation.

I’m not going to lie when I say that theres a common pattern to how I deal with the connections between others and myself. There is a problem, though: I promised myself a little while ago that this would not happen again. I have continually tried to stop this cycle of people going in and out of my life. Anytime I make this promise to myself, God laughs in my face and has it happen again. 

I’m not sure what He is trying to tell me, but this time, it’s different. This isn’t the way the cycle normally goes; it’s deeper than that this time around. 

I had a conversation about a friend not too long ago about the idea of “sparks” and “connections” with others. Before this person, I honestly did not believe in either of those concepts: this turn in the cycle is very different. 

Before you all assume certain things, there are two types of connections that this could be; I would categorize them as romantic or friendly. I’m not quite sure what I am feeling at this point in time because it is something completely different from what I am used to in life. So here I am, hoping to answer some of my own questions while writing this blog. 

I want to know what makes two people connected in the first place. I want to know why this connection makes life a little more saturated and why I continually hope for the best for this person. Instead of wishing to be around them all the time, I keep my space and hope that they are happy and hope that they are doing well.

How do I know that this is significant?

I have prayed a lot over this situation that I am in. An honest opinion, maybe a slightly obvious one at that, is that God put this person in my life for a reason. I’m trying to figure out what this reason is, but I think that I am not meant to figure it out just yet. 

Why I bring this up is because this is not something that happens to me often, I cannot stress that enough. This is significant because it has changed the way that I look at a lot of things. It changes the way that I perceive people and changes how I read them. 

I’ve tried to see people the other way that I see them, but I just cannot do it. There is a constant symphony in my head nowadays and I have been trying to compare this to the music of Chopin and Rachmaninoff; none of it compares. 

The moral of my story so far that I am getting is that I cannot plan a whole lot in my life at this time. People have been coming into my life at an increased pace, but none of them have compared to this person that I am experiencing right now.

God has a plan for me and the only thing I can do at this time is continue to follow this trail that has been laid out for me. I’m going to continue to pray and strengthen my relationship with God in order to get a clearer view of this.

Thank you all for reading. 

 – Megan

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