How To Realistically Get Over Your Ex In 10 Steps

Oh this is going to be interesting. The steps will speak for themselves.

Step 1: Cry about it.

Do what you need to do. He just broke your heart so it’s time to release the emotions that you have about that. Let yourself be sad and let yourself cry. Cry into everything. Cry into your pillow, your dog, your dad’s favorite shirt. Make sure to cry as much as you need to.

Step 2: Think about it way too much.

Ask the questions that need to be asked and think about it for a while. A long while. Talk to your friends about it; if you don’t have friends, find someone that will listen to you. Think about what has happened and what will happen.

Step 3: Try to focus on other things but fail.

Grab a super weird hobby like only knitting fingerless gloves or calculus. Get into it for a while and put the pent up emotions that you have into it. Thats what people say, right? Put your feelings towards other things, ESPECIALLY SCHOOL.

After all, it is scientifically proven that studying helps heal a broken heart. Click here to read the article all about it. 

Even if those things are stupid and don’t matter, it’s worth a shot right? Whatever helps you not think about it!

Step 4: Get a rebound.

What do you mean Kevin is just a rebound? I really like him and I know he likes me. His ventriloquism hobby is charming to me.

Step 5: Cut your hair. Or dye it if you’re feeling rebellious.

New look, new you! Am I right, ladies and gents? It’s fun to have a change and quite frankly, I think that style is a very good way to express yourself.

Speaking of style, change that too while you’re at it! Get some new clothes, dance around your room in them.

Step 6: Meet new friends and keep up with the old ones.

It’s always a good idea to make new friends, especially ones that are willing to binge watch your favorite TV shows with you. They will listen to you and talk to you about what you want in life and how badly you want to get an A in your really hard philosophy class.

The old ones always deserve your attention, though. They know you better than anyone and will stick with you through thick and thin. Never forget who your friends are and never stop wanting to meet new people.

Step 7: Realize that your rebound IS A REBOUND.

Oh yeah, ventriloquism is super weird to me. Maybe this won’t work out after all.

Step 8: Make memories and mistakes with some of those friends.

Yell outside those car windows! Get into some drama! Break some hearts! Do each others makeup and attempt to get into that bar! You’ll probably get kicked out, but I mean, at least you tried and that dress you’re wearing looks super cute.

Step 9: Look in the mirror. Feel how happy you are when you smile extra wide.

Yes ma’am. Make that super creepy wide smile that the joker has. Creep yourself out. Make yourself laugh.

Step 10: Realize that it was meant to happen.

Look back and think about where you were then and where you are now. Sure you have made a few mistakes along the way and a few tears were shed, but you have grown. You have become your own person. You are a happier person without him and you honestly do not need him in order to survive.

Of course you still feel the sting of the breakup now, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was a while ago. You feel a lot more at ease. You feel as though the world has so many opportunities and you can make a sharp left turn without worrying about someone else’s whiplash.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope people realize that it’s not as easy as it seems to get over people. 

I love you all.

 – Megan

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