Poetry Collection (Vol 2)

I got a lot of good comments on the last collection that I posted, so I thought that I would share some more with you all.

I’m not going to lie to you guys. This has always made me nervous and I always felt as though I would be judged for what I wrote. My poetry is purely from my heart. It is what I think in the moment, it is something that means a lot to me. When I posted the last one and got a lot of good comments about it, I honestly swelled up with gratitude. 

Thank you all so much. Here is the next batch of poems. I really hope you all enjoy and relate to how I feel and what I write.

I hope you guys enjoyed volume two. This is some old stuff, some new stuff, and so on. So many people inspired me to write these poems and I honestly have to thank them. Maybe I will thank them personally one day. 

A lot of these poems were written during a time when I was in a dark place. I am not exactly in the brightest spot in the universe at the moment, but compared to the past, I am a lot more hopeful for the future. Continue to gain the determination to fight your demons. 

I love you all.

– Megan

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